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SNL mocks adults who love their 'Star Wars' toys

Technically Incorrect: Who are those action figures for? Kids? Oh, not really. They're for the adults who never grew up.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Toys are made just to display them.

SNL/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

We all have friends like these, don't we?

Supposed adults who buy action figures and build their own Millennium Falcons out of Legos and, I don't know, seashells.

Or, worse, adults who buy all these kids' doodads and just keep them on display in their boxes.

One of my good friends actually gets upset when someone (not me, not me) mocks his predilection for everything "Star Wars."

How will Marty (real-ish name) react to the mean fiends at "Saturday Night Live" who decided to create a special ad just for adults who are, at heart, "Star Wars" toy boys?

You think it's an ad selling these figures so that kids can play with them? How naive.

"I have three of each. One to display, one to open and one just in case," says a grubby-looking "Star Wars" toy boy who towers over a genuine child.

And then one wise kid asks an adult (well, Taran Killian): "Does your wife like toys too?"

As the ad explains, these toys are for everyone ages 6 and up -- way up.

So what are these adults playing at? Are they clinging on to their childhoods? Do they have some special relationship with "Star Wars" and everything it represents for them?

Or are they merely the modern version of those boys (for so many are, indeed, boys) who would train-spot and set up model choo-choos in the spare bedrooms of their parents' (and then their own) houses?

Oh, we all have our foibles. Some are more feeble than others, but which of us hasn't got something that might seem strange to others?

Please let me tell you about the chocolate drawer in my fridge. Actually, the two chocolate drawers.