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'SNL' assaults social media experts

In a withering little skit, those who opine on social media are shown to be, well, mere opiners.

Kourtney Barnes, socially expert.
NBC Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Social media experts are hard to friend.

Their sheer exalted certainty can often jolt the spine into uncomfortable spasms and jut the jaw into hitherto unknown positions.

It was inevitable, then, that in this moment of political excitement and uncertainty "Saturday Night Live" might attempt a poke or two in their direction.

Here we have a social media expert, Kourtney Barnes, who expresses her knowledge through the examples of one or two Facebook postings. A sample from one Hannah Goldberg on Mitt Romney's Facebook page suggests she doesn't find Mitt Romney terribly attractive at all.

"It's all about expression," offers the relentless social media expert.

Her example of this? Rickie Fico posting on the president's Facebook page that suggests he isn't a very good president. In a way that is as measuredly crass as the one on Mitt Romney's page.

The expert insists that the beauty of social media is that everyone's opinion is equal, as if some curious form of democracy had descended on public communication.

There's something so quaint about social media experts claiming that their fingers are on the collective pulse of humanity, as if humanity could ever really be a collective.

The future is social, as Mark Zuckerberg is always so keen to tell us, while simultaneously attending to his privacy like his own one-man Swiss Guard.

The real fun of social media is to follow the words and ideas of those with whom you disagree. It makes you marvel that people can be that way.

Which reminds me. I am not aware of any conference, TV show or even late night bar where two social media experts have agreed on anything.