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Sneaky 'Snack Scarf' Makes It Easy to Smuggle Food Out of Holiday Parties

The scarves from Hefty, maker of trash bags, come with hidden slider storage sacks. Sounds like Homer Simpson's dream scarf.

Man wearing a scarf around his neck
Hefty's Snack Scarf has one delicious purpose.

Maybe someone in the new-product division at Hefty guzzled too much spiked eggnog, because this is one loopy idea. The trash-bag maker created the Snack Scarf, which hides a secret, Hefty-plastic-bag-lined pocket and is meant for those who just have to sneak treats out of a holiday party.

The scarf comes in both quart and gallon versions, were priced at just $2.78 (the same price as a box of Hefty slider storage bags), and even come with a box of the bags. No wonder that, at press time, the scarves were listed as sold out. Hefty didn't immediately respond to a request for comment as to whether the scarves will be restocked.

Not sure I'd be the one packing barbecue-sauce-coated meatballs into a scarf pocket, but between face masks, winter-necessity facial tissue, and even cell phones, I wouldn't mind a nice big pocket sewn into my winter scarf. Here's hoping they make another batch.