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Sneak peek at Cowon's S9 touch screen GUI

CNET Asia uncovers screen shots of the Cowon S9 touch screen media player graphic user interface.

Photo of Cowon S9 user interface.
Is it just me, or does the user interface on Cowon's S9 media player look a little familiar? CNET Asia
CNET Asia's DigiHunter recently published some user interface shots of the Cowon S9 touch screen media player. Considering that Cowon has been teasing the S9 since August, my expectations were running pretty high ...maybe too high.

I don't want to spoil it, but I'd be lying if I said the S9's GUI doesn't come across as a poor imitation of the Apple iPod Touch. I know that iPhone and iPod Touch comparisons get thrown around a lot these days, but really, this thing makes the Meizu M8 look original.

Like any Cowon device, the S9's file support and sound quality are probably fantastic, but if it walks and talks like a knock-off, no amount of FLAC compatibility will make you feel better about flashing this thing around.

If the rumors are right, it may be awhile before this Touch contender makes its way stateside. There's still no word on official U.S. pricing, but a Korean press release puts the 4GB S9 at 219,000 won ($150), 8GB for 259,000 won ($178), and 16GB for 309,000 won ($212). Unless you're spending December in Korea, don't expect to see the S9 until 2009.

More photos of the S9 are available on Cowon's S9 product page.