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What's the fastest way to find out you got into college? A 'Snap'

One university campus is using Snapchat to tell future Green Bay Packers fans they've just been accepted.

Snail mail is for suckers. Ok, it isn't, but when you're waiting on pins and needles for the big college acceptance packet to drop in the mail (or in anguish for the slim envelope that mean you probably didn't get in), even good news can wreak emotional havoc.

That's why University of Wisconsin at Green Bay turned to social media platform Snapchat as a fast way to let successful applicants know they made the cut, ABC channel WBAY reported. That's in addition to an admissions email and a formal letter.

"[Future students will] screenshot the snap and they'll respond with an excited selfie," Jena Richter Landers, UWGB social media specialist, told the station.

The university admissions department's use of Snapchat speaks to the California company's own success with millennials and teens. It currently has over 150 million active global users worldwide, a user base that's helping analysts value Snapchat's IPO at up to $30 billion. The company's newest offering, Spectacles (basically a pair of sunglasses that records and auto-uploads Snaps) aims to expand the number of Snaps produced each day.

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