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Snap and share partial browser screenshots with Kwout

Screenshot tools are easy to find, but Kwout makes it incredibly simple to cut out a partial screenshot from your browser and share it with friends or colleagues.

The Print Screen button is handy, but it's a clumsy tool. If you want just a portion of a screenshot, there are other tools, but many of them are cumbersome as well. Kwout is a small, easy-to-use Web extension that lets you snip out a portion of a Web page and quickly share it using almost any means you like. Here's how to use it: 

  1. Point your browser to the Kwout page. 
  2. At the bottom of the page, under Bookmarklet, you should see a set of three links. Right-click the first one (it says "Kwout in the same window" next to it), select "Copy link address," and add the link to your bookmark bar. You could also use the second if you'd rather open Kwout in a new window or the third if you want to add Kwout to your own Web site. 
  3. The next time you want to take a snapshot of your browser window, just select the Kwout bookmarklet you added and a simple interface should pop up over your page. 
    Step 3: Select screenshot section.
    Step 3: Select screenshot section. Rob Lightner/CNET
  4. Select the area you want to clip (there are some size limitations), then click "Cut Out."
  5. You're quickly taken to a new page with share options. Inspect your clip to make sure it looks right, then choose sharing and display options. It's simple to e-mail or tweet your screens. 
    Step 5: Select sharing and display options.
    Step 5: Select sharing and display options. Rob Lightner/CNET

That's it! This is a great tool for quick sharing of your browsing. Note that there are Kwout extensions for Chrome and Firefox if you'd rather use them than the bookmarklet. 

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Thanks to Freeware Genius for the tip!