Can you find the snake hiding in these dried leaves?

A venomous snake shows off its perfect camouflage in a tricky image that requires some visual sleuthing.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

Snakes can be masters of camouflage, artfully blending into their surroundings thanks to the coloration and patterns of their scales. Mashable brought our attention to an image that will freak out people who worry about snakes and fascinate everyone else. It shows a patch of ground covered in dried leaves and challenges us to find the snaking hiding there.

Twitter user Helen, a doctoral student studying pythons, boas and pit vipers, shared the image on Sunday.

Are you having trouble finding the snake? Here's a hint: It's a copperhead. Helen writes in a follow-up tweet (that also reveals the snake's location), "Cute but venomous, so no touchy!"

Helen credits Jerry Davis of Texas for the original photo, which was sent to her by another herpetologist. Don't feel bad if you're having trouble locating the reptile. Helen says it took her two minutes to spot the slithery critter, even though she specializes in studying snakes. That's how good the copperhead's camouflage is.

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