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Stowaway snake pops out of car hood, shocking driver

A snake gives a driver quite a fright when it emerges in front of a windshield and proceeds to calmly hang out.

Surprise snakes are quite popular on the internet these days. You might find them in vacuum cleaners or dangling from overhead bins on airplanes. Sally Grundy, a driver in Australia (this stuff almost always happens in Australia), shared a video of a car-enthusiast snake slithering out from under a hood in the middle of her commute.

Grundy posted the video on Facebook on Tuesday and Mashable brought the startling footage to our attention. Grundy runs Mundoo Island Station, a cattle and sheep operation south of Adelaide. She was on her way to the ranch, driving at over 60 mph (100 kph), when the red-bellied black snake stuck out its head.

"Petrified would sum up my nervous state for the hour I had to drive," Grundy writes. At least the scaly intruder was on the outside of the windshield. It stayed in place for the whole hour-long journey.

Grundy later posted an update noting the determined snake was still hanging out in the engine compartment the next morning. The snake's venom isn't highly dangerous to humans, so she attempted to remove it, but the strong critter got away and ventured deeper into the engine well.

Grundy's current plan? Just wait it out and hope the snake gets bored with studying vehicle mechanics.