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'Smokey and the Bandit' meets Bluetooth

CB radio gets some modern technology.

Cobra Electronics

You've got to wonder what Burt Reynolds would think about a Bluetooth CB radio if he were still around. Oh, that's right--he is still around. Well, we're sure that old Smokey would have welcomed the new-fangled technology because he could have used it to rally other cars for the chase scenes.

Cobra Electronics has brought the iconic CB into the 21st century with a radio that can receive mobile phone calls and includes a noise-canceling microphone to boot. It's even safer to operate, at least theoretically, because it has controls that can indicate the dial's position without requiring the driver to take his eyes off the road, according to Slippery Brick. But even with all these innovations, we somehow suspect they'll draw the line at a GPS breathalyzer. Over.