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Smells like terrier spirit: 'First Sniff' spoofs 'First Kiss' video

"First Sniff," an adorable spoof of the viral "First Kiss" ad masked as art, replaces humans with dogs, proving that people aren't the only ones who can't keep their paws off each other.

Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

First there were strangers kissing each other on video, then were there strangers of the canine variety sniffing each other.

And while the former, "First Kiss," quickly went viral before viewers enchanted with its supposed raw emotion discovered it was an ad promoting a new fashion line, the parody "First Sniff" may actually give us all a moment to paws and appreciate something truly charming -- pups that just want to say hello.

In "First Sniff," created by ad agency Mother London, the highly attractive models, musicians, and actors from filmmaker Tatiana Pilieva's arty "First Kiss" video are replaced with adorable dogs wagging their tails and greeting each other in the traditional way.

"We tried to get some dogs to kiss for the first time..." Mother London says in its video. And canines of all kinds obliged with delightful reactions that it almost puts the human video to shame.

There's even a sleek and slender dog wearing his cone of shame who still manages to captivate a petite pooch and give a sniff. Greyhounds, cocker spaniels, terriers, and mutts of many breeds sit, lick faces, sniff furry butts, and give more longing looks than a Jane Austen film.

Of course, "First Sniff" is only one of the parodies that sprung up after the Internet got infatuated with the kiss video and then found out it might not have been as innocent of a human experiment as it first seemed. One spoof features interactions between cats, and another between frisky humans. Still another shows Brits "who definitely aren't super confident, hot American models," kissing for the first time.

But we can't help but adore the puppy-love one most. Love at first sight isn't so far-fetched after all.