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Smell the superhero: 'Iron Man 3' to get odor effects in Japan

The moviegoing experience is about to get more interactive in Japan with "Iron Man" 3 debuting in 4DX, complete with tilting seats and smells.

Iron Man 3 poster
Smell my sweaty superheroism.

You take a seat. The lights go dark. Tony Stark struts across the screen. What's that smell? It's Eau de Iron Man! That's what I imagine the experience will be like when "Iron Man 3" debuts in 4DX in Japan this year. The 4DX format aims for a more interactive experience than just sitting in your seat, passively absorbing a movie through your eyes and ears.

The 4DX format adds odd gadgets to the theater setting, such us tilting seats, bubble makers on the ceiling, fog, wind, strobe lighting, and odor effects (Smell-O-Vision!). It's like some mad scientist got ahold of a Regal cinema and went nuts customizing it. Naturally, 4DX theaters have to be specially equipped to handle all the extras.

4DX was originally developed for theaters in South Korea, but will be introduced in Japan with the newest "Iron Man" film. We may even have the chance to experience it soon here in the U.S. The company behind the concept, CJ Group, is reportedly looking to bring it to 200 theaters across the country. That means you might have the chance to get a good whiff by the time "Iron Man 4" comes out.

This news must necessarily lead to speculation about what "Iron Man 3" should smell like. Perhaps the theater will waft the smell of mandarin oranges every time Ben Kingsley pops up on-screen as the Mandarin.

Stark's lab probably smells like solder and money. With all the explosions seen in the trailer, there should be plenty of opportunities for smoke smells. Let's just hope 4DX doesn't delve into what the "Iron Man" suit smells like after Stark has been sweating in it for days.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)