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Smashed? Self-breathalyzer uses cops' sensors for accuracy

Are you too drunk to drive? The Floome device plugs into your smartphone to tell you if you've had too much and how long you need to wait to get behind the wheel.

The Floome plugs into your smartphone to tell you if you're smashed.

We've all been there. We're out on the town, had a few drinks, and just wish Siri could tell us if we're over the legal blood alcohol limit for driving.

Of course, given her requisite levels of snark, it might be better to hear it from a voice other than Siri.

A company with offices in Italy and America is launching a product today called Floome that it hopes will bridge that dangerous gap between trying to guess if you're safe to drive and finding out later from the professional breathalyzer operated by a police officer that it turns out you weren't.

2045Tech, the maker of Floome, say it's the first portable personal breathalyzer to incorporate the same sensors the cops use. The potentially inebriated blow into the device, which connects to a smartphone via the headphone jack. An app then displays your blood alcohol content and estimates how long you need to wait to get down to the legal limit. It can do other helpful things, too, like call a taxi, or -- if you like to party both loudly and responsibly -- share your results to social media.

Floome is selling now via an Indiegogo Flexible Funding campaign (there's no goal that needs to be met, which means the crowdfunding site is essentially just taking orders) for $65 and will be $80 when it hits retail in the fall.

With tolerated blood alcohol levels getting lower and lower, it could be a worthwhile gadget to carry around, and definitely less obnoxious than Siri telling you you're too smashed to text, let alone drive.

Check out the promo video below and let us know in the comments if you'd consider buying one.