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Smartphone-controlled motion alarm keeps stuff safe

Sammy Screamer is a little motion-sensitive attachment that alerts you via smartphone when your stuff gets moved.


You can't keep track of everything all the time. If you're worried about something of yours being tampered with while your attention is elsewhere, though, a new company called BleepBleeps has created a little gadget with a big personality. Aimed at parents, Sammy Screamer is a little motion sensor that you can attach to anything you want so you can be alerted if someone starts tampering with it.

Examples given are doors, fridges, cookie jars, your backpack -- even your stroller. Sammy Screamer attaches via a magnet or loop, and you set the sensitivity and volume levels using a free Android or iOS app. When your stuff gets moved, Sammy sounds an alarm and sends a push notification to your phone via Bluetooth up to a range of 50 meters (about 164 feet). A small coin cell battery powers the device.


Sammy is the first of the BleepBleeps' range of parenting assistants, with more on the way if the Kickstarter campaign proves successful. Also included in future plans are an ovulation monitor, a video camera for monitoring a baby while he or she sleeps, an ear thermometer, and GPS devices that can keep you updated as to your child's whereabouts.

Sammy Screamer is being offered as a reward for pledges of $65 on Kickstarter, with a family pack of three devices going for a pledge of $150.

(Source: Crave Australia)