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Smartlet: Go on, wear your iPhone on your wrist

Prone to misplacing your iPhone? The Smartlet on Kickstarter strives to prove that the secrets of the future might not be up our sleeves but strapped stylishly over them.

Smartlet prototypes were 3D-printed, though production models probably won't be.

We can finally say the future is in the palm of our hands. Well, not actually in the palm, but just a little further up.

Denos Ventures is hoping to make its debut outing with a minimally designed crowdfunded iPhone accessory simply called the Smartlet. The colorful bracelet/cradle combo lets wearers anchor their iPhone close by on their wrist to create a DIY smartwatch of sorts. If you're thinking this sounds all too familiar, you'd be mistaken. While we already have access to plenty of accessories that let users strap an iPhone to the arm, the Smartlet puts the phone right on the wrist.

The Smartlet's official Web site bills it as being able to "turn your iPhone into the ultimate smartwatch," and goes as far to call it a case even though it actually only further exposes the expensive gadget to the elements and hard surfaces you might fling your arm against.

No special apparel required! Smartlet was designed to be worn with normal shirts and jackets. Smartlet

Smartlet's biggest draw, according to its Kickstarter page, is that it securely locks the phone into place while letting the user quickly slide the iPhone from the cradle. This is a handy feature for times when you want to dismount your iPhone and use it for things like a camera, but the product also begs the question of who actually wants a huge rectangular watch. Predator from "The Predator" had a pretty functional wrist computer, but if he had to take it off every time he wanted to use Snapchat, I think he'd just get a Timex.

Denos Ventures CEO David Soofian and his team have until January 23 to prove otherwise and entice you to fund their production (a pledge of $29 or more gets you one of the accessories). If the Smartlet's something you want in your future you can find the Kickstarter on your smartphone whether it's deep in your pockets or duct-taped to your wristwatch.

The Smartlet team says the accessory is especially helpful when wearers hands are occupied -- giving turn-by-turn directions while cycling, for example. Smartlet