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Smart necklace is key to secret iPad diary

A smart necklace for young diary keepers works with an iPad app and hides entries with the push of a button.

iHeart Locket
Lock down your digital diary.

Dano's iHeart Locket takes the wearable technology trend and makes it cute. The smart necklace works with the iPad to lock down digital diary entries and keep secret crushes and innermost thoughts safe from prying eyes.

The gold heart necklace, designed with preteens and teens in mind, works with the iHeart Locket Diary App for iOS. The diary app holds text, pictures, speech-to-text audio, and written notes, making it more of a digital scrapbook than a simple journal.

Each locket contains a unique code to keep the diary private, especially from marauding siblings. Push a button on the locket and all those secrets are hidden as if written in disappearing ink. Nobody else needs to know that you're madly in love with Justin Bieber.

Selling for $24.99, the locket could be seen as a way for parents to encourage their children to journal, while still respecting their kids' privacy. It's an interesting digital upgrade to the old method of writing in a blank book, hiding it under the mattress, and hoping for the best.

iHeart Locket user
The preteen crowd is a good bet for this gadget. Dano