Smart clothespeg alerts you when it's time to bring in the laundry

A clothespeg embedded with a variety of sensors could be the future of bringing in the laundry.

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Michelle Starr

Are you too busy to duck outside and check your laundry? Australian laundry detergent brand OMO is developing a smart clothespeg called Peggy embedded with a bunch of sensors that monitor the weather and your laundry.

Thermometers inside the peg monitor the temperature, and a humidity sensor keeps track of the humidity (obviously). Meanwhile, sunlight is monitored using a UV sensor. Paired with a smartphone app via Wi-Fi, the peg uses this information to calculate how long it will take clothes to dry, as well as monitor the weather and make sure you're aware of pending rain.

OMO claims it developed the app in response to research that found 94 percent of parents and grandparents feel they don't get enough playtime with their kids, so there's also a bunch of suggestions for things to do with kids. If you'd rather have the clothespeg because you tend to forget the laundry is out there, or if you don't need parenting tips from a peg, you can probably safely ignore those suggestions.