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Slo-Gram, a simple way to share slo-mo videos on Instagram

This free app makes it easy to take slo-mo videos directly from your iPhone 5S to Instagram, no funky workaround required.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

When Apple first announced the iPhone 5S and its new slow-motion camera feature, the thought of being able to upload sol-mo videos across social networks was exciting.

Then the phone launched, users started messing with the new camera features, and quickly realized that uploading a slo-mo video directly from the iPhone to Instagram (along with other social networks) wasn't possible. Or rather, it was possible, but you would have to use some workarounds to make it happen.

But a few weeks ago, a young developer who is still in high school, contacted me about the pending release of an app he had developed. The name of the app was Slo-Gram, and it's purpose is to take slo-mo videos from your iPhone 5S and prepare them for upload to Instagram.

Shortly after launch I began testing the app and found it to work as advertised. You simply load a slo-mo video from your camera roll into the app, set the proper orientation, add some music and fine tune the video. Once you have the video refined to your liking, you save it back to your camera roll where it's ready to upload to Instagram, with the slo-mo portion of the video intact and compatible with the service.

You'll notice white bars placed on the sides of the video. This is done to eliminate any cropping surprises when you upload the video to Instagram. In other words, whatever is between the white bars will remain when you upload the video to Instagram.

Slo-Gram is currently free in the App Store, with an in-app purchase to remove the watermark from your videos for 99 cents.

Download Slo-Gram from the App Store