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Sling Media, 'Second Life' to take stage with CBS

During his keynote speech at CES, CEO Les Moonves will be joined by representatives from Sling and Linden Lab, CBS says.

LAS VEGAS--CBS, which has pushed to reach new consumers on the Internet, will be joined in a Tuesday presentation by representatives from Web-savvy companies Sling Media and Linden Lab, producer of Second Life, the network said.

The broadcaster did not give details of the speech or upcoming announcements by CBS Chief Executive Les Moonves, who will give a keynote address on Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show being held here.

Sling is known for its Slingbox, which plugs into a TV and transmits the feed via the Internet, allowing consumers to watch their favorite local TV shows no matter where they are. It also has a new device that does the opposite, putting Internet content on television.

San Francisco-based Linden Lab's Second Life is a three-dimensional virtual world with more than 2 million registered users.

CBS, like many rivals, makes its shows available both for free and for a fee across the Web, on sites including Google, YouTube and Apple Computer's iTunes.

Connecting computers to TVs is high on the agenda at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, where a flood of devices aiming to do just that will debut this week.

Such devices have been the long-promised goal of the media and technology industries, but past efforts have failed primarily because of cost and usability.

Sling is funded by a mix of financial and media investors including Allen & Co., Goldman Sachs, Liberty Media Holding and EchoStar Communications.