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Slight dip in Google's January search market share

Microsoft's Bing takes advantage of a rare dip in Google's search market share, though the magnitude of the change is nothing to get too excited about just yet.


Google actually lost a slight amount of search share during January, according to ComScore, although no one appears too worried.

Google's dominant share of the search market slipped by 0.3 percentage points to 65.4 percent of all searches conducted in the U.S., according to ComScore data released Thursday. Microsoft's Bing was the beneficiary again, increasing its share by 0.6 percentage points to 11.3 percent of all searches. Since it was introduced in May, Bing's share of the search market has improved from 8.4 percent in June to 11.3 percent.

Yahoo continues to struggle, losing another 0.3 percentage points to drop to 17 percent of all searches. The company is currently unraveling itself from toolbar and PC desktop search deals that it considers unprofitable sources of traffic, it said at a search event Wednesday.

Yahoo also pointed out during that event that it's no longer sure that measuring "percent of all searches" is the best way to evaluate search engines anymore. Newer innovations in search from all three companies attempt to find the most relevant result right on the first page of results, bringing pictures, video, and other content right into those results pages and reducing the number of searches required to reach a result.

Still, search queries are growing, so we probably haven't arrived at that point just yet. Total searches increased by 3 percent from December to January, with all companies gaining although Microsoft led the way with a 9 percent gain.