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See this ingenious way to turn stairs into a playground

Imagine being able to unfurl a specially designed set of foam mats and take a ride down your stairs. That's the idea behind SlideRider.

Whee! Quirky

This cool new plaything transforms a home stairway into an "inside slide" for children, complete with secure safety bumpers so they're unlikely to get hurt. When the kids are done playing, it just rolls up in its storage case until they're ready to go at it again.

Easy to store
Easy to store. Quirky

The SlideRider is the clever invention of Trisha Cleveland of Minnesota who submitted the concept to Quirky, a site that helps inventors get their ideas off the ground.

The team at Quirky reviewed it, saw its potential, and created a red and blue prototype based on the Quirky community's input. They are currently sourcing a manufacturer to mass-produce it and launch Cleveland's invention to a wider audience.

Until that happens, this will remain merely a product-in-development and not a way for the youngsters to fly down the stairs with wild abandon. Sorry kids.

(Via The Awesomer, Incredible Things)