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Slide show roundup: Rolls-Royce Phantom, 10 pretty cars, and YouTube on Apple TV

We've got a roundup of the latest photos on CNET.com, with pictures of the Rolls-Royce Phantom, YouTube on Apple TV, and the new Sprint Mogul by HTC.

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So, someone over at Rolls-Royce trusted our Car Tech guys enough to lend them a 2007 Rolls-Royce Phantom to review. Wow--fancy! It even has a hood ornament that retracts into the hood when the doors are locked. Now no one will steal the "Spirit of Ecstasy" and make a necklace. Is car bling still cool? Is the word "bling" even cool?

Anyway, we also have some pictures of the 10 most attractive cars that CNET has reviewed. Plus, there are photos of the Sprint Mogul by HTC and a look at YouTube videos on Apple TV. Check it out!

Photos: 2007 Rolls-Royce Phantom

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We don't know how it happened, but Rolls-Royce let us borrow a Phantom for a few days. And not only did we find a place to plug in our iPod, we also found a navigation system hidden behind a clock, and a Bluetooth telephone system with a velvet-lined tray for our cell phone. We've got 29 photos of the 2007 Rolls Royce-Phantom.

Photos: Head-turners: 10 most attractive cars

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As cars make up a large part of any populated landscape, they should also serve as public works of art. Every road should be like a car show, with automotive manufacturers' best designs put forward. In that spirit, we've collected the best-looking cars we've reviewed in the last year. These are the cars that get people looking and nodding in appreciation of excellent automotive design. Look at some pretty cars.

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Photos: Sprint Mogul by HTC

After two years, Sprint has finally introduced a replacement for the aging Sprint PPC-6700 smart phone. Take a photo tour of the new Sprint Mogul by HTC and check out its updated look and feature set.

Photos: Hands-on with YouTube on Apple TV
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With Apple's latest announcement, YouTube videos are currently available on the Apple TV and will also be on the upcoming iPhone when it's released. We fired up our Apple TV, downloaded and installed the update, then took it for a spin. See how Apple and YouTube work together.

Photos: Archos 605 WiFi up close
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CNET editors had a chance to spend some time with the new Archos 605 WiFi portable video player. So far, we think it looks like a real gem. And the new DVR interface is a drastic improvement over the previous VCR-style recording interface. Check out the Archos 605 WiFi.