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Slide show roundup: Dance Dance Immolation, Nokia N76, and HTC Touch

We've got pictures of a hot adaptation of 'Dance Dance Revolution', photos of the sleek and shiny Nokia N76, and shots of the HTC Touch, a potential rival to the iPhone.

Rebecca Burdick Former Copy Editor
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Rebecca Burdick
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The theme for today is flames. We've got pictures of a creative adaptation of Dance Dance Revolution, combining its complicated steps with the added punishment of an inferno in your face. It looks hard and scary! We also have photos of the Nokia N76, a sleek and shiny red phone. Plus, there's the HTC Touch, a phone that could fan the flames of the red-hot discussion surrounding the iPhone's June 29 release. Burn, baby, burn.

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Photos: Dance Dance Immolation

At a warehouse in Oakland, Calif., Saturday night, video gamers get shot in the face with fire--but it was all in the name of fun. The fun, in this case, was an evening of Dance Dance Immolation. DDI combines the movements with flamethrowers--needless to say, it's for grown-ups only. These pics are on fire.

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Photos: Nokia N76

When you think of sleek and sexy cell phones or smart phones, chances are you probably don't think of Nokia. However, the Nokia N76 certainly changes that perception, with its sleek profile and red-hot color. Yet, despite its cool looks (or should we say hot), this Symbian "multimedia computer" isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Check out the Nokia N76 pics.

Photos: HTC Touch

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HTC, the company behind many of today's most popular Windows Mobile smart phones, has unveiled its latest project and some are already pitting it against the yet-to-be-released Apple iPhone. Take a photo tour of the HTC Touch and find out what makes this Windows Mobile smart phone special.

Photos: Kenwood Excelon DDX8019

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If you're looking for a decent in-dash GPS navigation system that can support digital audio and video, then the Kenwood DDX8019 could be the product for you. If GPS navigation isn't your first priority, however, there are more easy-to-use media players on the market. You can decide while looking at our photos of the Kenwood DDX8019.