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Sliced chocolate could be even better than sliced bread

A Japanese chocolate company develops a new way to consume chocolate, one convenient sheet at a time.

Move over, sliced cheese -- we now have something better to add to sandwiches.

We've been finding new ways to eat chocolate ever since it was first used in beverages dating all the way back to 1900 BC.

Whether you love to consume chocolate in candy bars, in ice cream or as a hot drink to keep warm during the holidays, there seems to always be a creative recipe out there in a new cookbook or Pinterest board that makes us want to consume more cocoa.

Now thanks to the Bourbon chocolate company in Japan, we can eat chocolate by the slice. They seem to be like the American cheese slices people often use to make grilled cheese sandwiches, but in chocolate form.

Imagine the possibilities! The chocolate slices could be placed on top of pancakes and waffles. Or inside a dessert crepe. Or even rolled into a cake. But chances are, most of us will just melt it on top a slice of bread like this person posted a picture of on Twitter.

The slices are made from a type of ganache known as "nama chocolate" and are about 2 millimeters (0.08 inch) thick, with 1.3 percent alcohol content.

The online price for a dozen five-slice packs is ¥3,240 -- that's about $27, £18 or AU$37.

It looks we'll have to update the old phrase "the best thing since sliced bread" to "the best thing since sliced chocolate."