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Sleep next to real skeletons this Halloween via Airbnb

The winner of an Airbnb contest will spend the night in the Catacombs of Paris. Just explain why you're brave enough to hang out with 6 million of your new dead BFFs on Halloween.

Will you spend Halloween trick or treating? Attending a spooky soiree? Maybe you'll have the nerve to pass the night snoozing in an underground catacomb filled with skeletons.

If you're gutsy enough to sleep in a mass grave, Airbnb wants to hear from you. As part of a Halloween promotion, it's giving two people the chance to spend Halloween night in the famous Catacombs of Paris, permanent home to the remains of about 6 million people.

If that sounds more appealing than creepy, log in to Airbnb and submit a 100-word essay (in English or French) by October 20 explaining why you want to go to bed with a bunch of bones.

In addition to learning more about the famous gravesite, the winner and a guest will "savor a dazzling culinary experience while enjoying a private concert in the most incredible acoustics under the earth," according to Airbnb. The site doesn't give specific details about the meals, but it does list both dinner and breakfast as part of the prize. Other amenities include a fire extinguisher, a safety card and a first aid kit, which makes for a rather ominous list of supplies.

Sleep like the dead, and with the dead, thanks to Airbnb. Stephen Shankland/CNET

Another thing to keep in mind: Though Airbnb says it will supply one bed to accommodate two people, there are no bathrooms. Which raises the vital question, where does one pee in a catacomb without upsetting the dead? The temperature in the catacombs is kept at a cool 52 degrees Fahrenheit (14 degrees Celsius), so there's no heating available to keep you warm. Better double up on flannel underwear if you win.

Toilet and heating issues aside, the winners can at least distract themselves with a provided storyteller who will tell "fascinating tales from the catacombs, guaranteed to produce nightmares."

Good thing, since there's no Wi-Fi either. So your skeleton selfies and texts for help in case of vampire run-ins will have to wait until you make it back up to the surface.

The popular tourist attraction isn't easy to access. It resides 20 meters (65 feet) under the Paris sewer and Metro. To get to the catacombs, you have to walk down 130 steps to enter and then another 83 steps back up to street level, according to the official Les Catacombes de Paris website. Keep that in mind if you have a weak bladder.

This is quite an opportunity considering the normal restrictions on visitors to the catacombs. Only 200 people are allowed to visit the catacombs at a time, and no one is allowed to stay in the catacombs overnight, until now. The winner and a guest will have to already be in Paris to accept their prize.

This could be the coolest and creepiest place Airbnb has ever offered. Though I'm not sure the current residents of the Catacombs of Paris would agree.