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Sky bringing 3D TV to homes in U.K., Ireland

U.K. broadcaster will be the third this year to start offering a TV channel dedicated to 3D.

3D TV channels
Active shutter glasses for Panasonic's 3D TV. Panasonic

Starting later this year, subscribers to the U.K.'s Sky HD television services will have access to a third dimension of entertainment.

Sky will be broadcasting content in 3D through its Sky+HD set-top boxes, the third such channel announced in recent days. Sky will follow ESPN and Discovery, both of whom announced joint partnerships on dedicated 3D TV channels with Sony at CES 2010 last week.

Sky's 3D channel will be the joint effort of BSkyB and 3ality Digital, the company behind last year's 3D broadcasts of NBC's Chuck episode, an NFL game, and the filming of "U2 3D."

Sky currently has 1.6 million subscribers to its Sky+HD service. But to access the new 3D content, customers will also need a 3D-enabled TV. Several models, many of which were also announced at CES, will begin shipping this spring.

3D TV is certainly hot right now, as evidenced by the deluge of products and services announced or demonstrated at CES. But is it a fad or here to stay? There are still reasons to be skeptical about whether consumers are ready for 3D at home right now, as my colleague John Falcone points out. If you want to chime in on whether you'll be upgrading to a 3D TV for your home, check out our CNET poll here.