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'Human skin' notebook designed for tattoo artists (Tomorrow Daily 186)

On today's show, Ashley and Khail break down the VR news from Google I/O, check out a creepy notebook made of fake skin for "sketching" tattoos and express concerns about MIT's cheetah-bot, which can now hurdle over obstacles without slowing down.

It's Monday, and we're back! Ashley returns from Google I/O with a bag of cherries for Khail and a second-gen Google Cardboard to show off on the show. Khail says he wasn't very impressed by the conference keynote, but we also want your opinion about the event. Do you think Google had enough to hold your interest in verticals like mobile, VR and photo services? Or was it a bit lackluster for your taste?

We're also discussing SkinBook, which claims to be a book made of fake human skin. Why would this exist, you ask? Well, tattoo artists could use it as a kind of sketchbook, and keep you from getting a bad tattoo from an inexperienced artist. But we don't know if SkinBook will ever be a real product, or if this is just a conceptual design that will remain a one-of-a-kind creation.

Lastly, MIT's cheetah-bot is back in the news; last time we talked about it, the robot gained the ability to run untethered from its, it can recognize, calculate, and hurdle over an approaching object. Put simply, it's probably going to turn on humanity someday, and you're going to be its breakfast.

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186: 'Human skin' notebook designed for tattoo artists

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