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Skier Vonn uses Twitter, Facebook for leg update

In a posting on her Facebook page, Vonn updates fans and the world on her badly bruised shin, saying she is feeling more optimistic she can ski through the pain.

In case you weren't on Twitter or Facebook in the last few minutes, Lindsey Vonn wants you to know that she's feeling a bit better about her injured shin and her prospects at the Winter Games.

"I was really happy to be back on snow today even if it was for only 1 freeski run," Vonn said in a Facebook post. "My shin was still very painful, but I feel like the injury is finally progressing a bit. The pain level has gone down from a sharp debilitating pain to something that I feel I may be able to grit my teeth through."

Vonn also linked to it from her Twitter page, with the headline "A step in the right direction."

It's an indicator of the heightened role that social networks are playing at this year's Vancouver Olympics, in what some folks have dubbed the "first Twitter Games."


Vonn was among those who were initially confused over the Olympic Committee's rules on Twitter and blogging, fearing she would not be able to post once the Games started. However, organizers have embraced blogs from participants, provided they follow guidelines, such as confining posts to one's personal experiences and avoid mention of sponsors.

Social networks also allow athletes to connect with their fans. Within a few minutes of her update, Vonn already had more than 100 responses from well-wishers.

Vonn cautioned that she wouldn't know for sure how her shin was doing until she got on the downhill course for a full training run. Thursday's training was canceled before Vonn got a full run in. "Generally I am disappointed when a training run is canceled, but in this situation I definitely welcome the extra day to heal! And I want to say thanks so much for all the nice messages you guys have been sending! I read them everyday and they have been cheering me up a lot!"