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Six social network 'phones' we'll never see

The long-awaited Facebook phone turned out not to be a phone at all. Here's a look at six other social network-based phones we'll likely never get our hands on.

The HTC ChaCha was the first Facebook phone nobody cared about.

At last, the Facebook phone has been unveiled, except it's not really a phone, it's more of a suite of apps with a launcher.

Social networks have been able to infiltrate most aspects of our lives so far without having to entangle themselves in the messy business of designing or making a hardware product, so why start now? Indeed, Facebook seems to have decided it makes more sense to take a similar invasive approach with smartphones, opting to simply dig itself deeper into the mobile OS rather than reinvent the wheel.

Besides, there's some data out there that indicates nobody really wanted a full-blown Facebook phone anyhow. Now the folks at Twitter also seem to be looking at the idea of getting in on the smartphone super-app game.

The way I see it, even our most popular social networks just don't lend themselves to the hardware game. They each have their unique personality traits and character flaws that make them less than ideal candidates for taking over the heart and soul of our most closely held mobile gadget.

With that in mind, I present the below (tongue-in-cheek) gallery of six more social network phones we'll likely never see and the tragic flaws for each that keep them off the market.