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Sit your Apple down in the iPad Chair

The iPad gets a dedicated leather lounger for comfort and hands-free viewing at home. But it will cost you.

You know a gadget's arriving when it gets its own chair.

Plunk down a few thousand dollars and sit yourself in the new iPad Chair, which is custom-tailored for ergonomic hands-free use of the Apple tablet.

iPad Chair
Home Theater Seating, a maker of custom home theater furniture, is out with chair for the iPad (click to enlarge). Elite Home Theater Seating

An iPad holder specifically designed for the device slides into the existing cup holder on Elite Home Theater Seating's Elite HTS chair, and then can swivel and pivot 360 degrees. The tablet can be rotated vertically or horizontally, and even positioned flat in case you want to use it as a plate.

A standard version of the iPad Chair goes for $2,495. Kick the price up to $5,995 and you get a choice of more colors and leather grains, plus an adjustable headrest, amp, and tactile motion transducers that turn the sounds iManating from your iPad into a more sensory experience.

Sitting in the chair, "it's hard not to feel a bit like a Star Fleet officer on the bridge of the Enterprise as you stare into a big beautiful touch panel," Elite Home Theater Seating says. The chair also features a seat cushion normally found in European sports cars. That way you can feel like a really rich Star Fleet officer.