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Siri on older iPhones; Apple not listening

A ported version of Siri showed up on an iPhone 4 over the weekend, but Apple's servers refuse to acknowledge it.

Siri may be most at home on the brand new iPhone 4S, but she's up for a little adventure and willing to explore other iOS devices--if you're willing to port her over, at least.

Since the new iPhone and its integrated voice assistant were introduced two weeks ago, there's been talk about getting it up and running on other iOS gadgets, including the iPad and of course, the plain old vanilla iPhone 4.

At first it wasn't looking too good, based on early experiments attempting the portage using an iPod Touch and the Gold Master build of iOS 5. A few of the Apple hacker genius-types out there appealed for patience--just wait until we actually get our hands on the new iPhone, they told us.

They were right, kind of. Just about 48 hours after Siri and the iPhone 4S hit stores on Friday, the voice assistant was spotted on an iPhone 4. The video below by Irish iPhone hacker Steve Troughton-Smith shows Siri running smoothly on an unlocked iPhone 4, but there's just one problem--it seems Apple's Siri servers refuse to communicate with anything but an iPhone 4S. Keep working on it, folks...

(Via VentureBeat)