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Siri leaks your pet name to contacts, PootieBear discovered that Siri adds your pet nickname into your iPhone 4S' contact card. That means you may unwittingly be revealing that you double as "Schnookums."

Siri knows your nickname
I don't actually own any Justin Bieber albums. Honest. I swear.
Screenshot by CNET

Siri is the hottest date in town right now. A guy on YouTube has already proposed to her in song (she turned him down).

When you're in love, you tend to confess a lot of personal details like what guilty-pleasure pop music you listen to and what your secret pet names are.

Siri won't shun you for downloading Justin Bieber's latest album. She'll even call you any nickname you want. Like "Bieber Lover," for example.

That's all fine and dandy until every person you share your contact information with also finds out that your nickname is "Bieber Lover." discovered that your Siri nickname gets added to your iPhone 4S contact card and sent along when you share it over e-mail or MMS with the "Share Contact" button.

Depending on your nickname, this could kill your credibility with certain people.

Wondering why you didn't get an interview call back? Check your Siri nickname. "PootieBear" just doesn't sound very professional.

How come that hot guy never called for a date? Thanks a lot, Siri. Why does my pre-teen niece suddenly think I'm cool? Oh, must be that Bieber thing again.

I guess the next question we'll have to ask is, "Why are you sharing my embarrassing nickname, Siri?"

(Via Crave UK)