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Siri everywhere! Hackers want her on older iPhones

iPhone hackers are hard at work looking for (legal) ways to bring the voice assistant to other iOS devices.

Ever since Apple unveiled Siri--its new voice assistant feature for the iPhone 4S--at its media event last week, there's been a little confusion over who can get Siri and how.

Twitter and Apple forums have been filled with questions about whether and when Siri will make an appearance on other iOS devices, like the iPad or regular iPhone 4. Some Apple fans rushed to download the iOS 5 update when it became available this week--causing quite a few problems for Apple servers--in the hopes that Siri would be included in the upgrade.

Alas, the common consumer has had no luck getting his/her/its hands--or rather, vocal cords--on Siri until today, when the iPhone 4S finally arrives in stores. That's also good news for those with no current plans or budget for grabbing the new phone, because it gets the actual hardware into the hands of more of the code wizards working on a port of Siri for other devices.

Immediately after the 4S unveil, a pair of hackers started looking into the possibilities. They managed to get Siri running on an iPod Touch, but without most of its functionality.

This week, a different group known as the iPhone Dev Team--the folks behind Redsn0w--said that porting Siri may be near impossible for the time being without breaking the law. As one of the members, who goes by MuscleNerd on Twitter, explained:

Anyone hoping for a "port" of Siri from iPhone4S: pending a very low-level A5 exploit, it likely can't be done without piracy :(

There's still hope for seeing Siri on an iPhone 4 or iPad though. The same guys that got Siri running on an iPod have resolved to keep looking into a possible port as soon as they can actually get their hands on an iPhone 4S. One member of the team, John Heaton, tells CNET he's expecting to have his in mere hours. Another, iH8sn0w, tweeted this photo from a line outside an Apple store this morning:

iH8sn0w / Twitter