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SimpleTicket's open-source ticketing system

What better than an open-source ticketing system?

I just came across SimpleTicket, an open-source ticketing system. I haven't used it, and there are several open-source ticketing systems, but I think the idea of an open-source ticketing system, generally, is a really good one.

After all, you'd find a decent amount of crossover between the consumers and the developers of it. They're often going to be the same person.

SimpleTicket sounds cool:

SimpleTicket was developed by Architel in 2005 for internal use. We looked at Heat, Remedy and hosted solutions like Parature, but most of them were too complicated and expensive for our needs. Next we looked at lowend solutions like Intuit?s TrackIt and found it lacking in several ways. We needed a simple to use system that was flexible enough for us to add features on the fly. We decided to build it ourselves. SimpleTicket was the result....

Looking for RSS feeds for users and techncians? SimpleTicket offers RSS. How about tagging for tickets? SimpleTicket uses Tags. How about TAPI integration for VoIP? SimpleTicket offers TAPI. Want to offer users transparency into the ticket resolution process? SimpleTicket offers complete transparency!

Who needs this? You do, almost certainly. I particularly like the RSS capabilities. A bit simple, perhaps, but that's the sort of thing that SimpleTickets was meant to deliver: simplicity.