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Nutty wearable mattress straps a nap to your body

If you don't mind looking like an oddball and you really want to nap anywhere, check out Simone Giertz's idea for a portable mattress.

People will go to great lengths to get a good nap, including hiding out in a personal pop-up pod or burying their heads in an Ostrich Pillow. Inventor Simone Giertz, who specializes in cruddy robots, decided to create the ultimate in portable napping by making a wearable mattress.

Giertz outlined her body shape on a large piece of foam, cut it out and installed a set of straps that hold it to her back, legs, arms and head. It's flexible enough to allow her to walk with it on, though she certainly stands out from the crowd. 

The bold inventor also came up with a creative solution for a blanket. She attached a red cape to the body-shaped mattress. When she wants to tuck in, she just flips the fabric over the front. 

Giertz tested the mattress in different situations, and all she has to do is lie down to get comfortable. Now she just needs to work out a way to combine her face-slapping alarm clock robot with the portable mattress so she doesn't accidentally oversleep.