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Silverline puts iPhones, apps in seniors' hands

An Indiegogo social-enterprise project out of Singapore aims to equip the elderly with an iPhone 3GS preloaded with essential apps.

A helping hand for seniors?
Silverline Mobile

Here's a crowdfunding project with a twist: instead of pledging a certain amount to buy a new gadget for yourself, an underserved senior citizen will receive said product instead.

The project in question is Silverline, which is seeking funding on Indiegogo to equip senior citizens with smartphones preloaded with essential apps.

Silverline Mobile's Singapore-based creators, Jason Aspes and Lilin Phng, have developed senior-friendly iOS apps that provide useful information and keep them connected to loved ones. The five apps that have already been developed are:

  • Discover: Snap automatically geotagged photos and add captions to document activities for the day.
  • Well Being: Reminders to drink water, take medication and watch videos for health tips.
  • Inspire: News stories delivered in the form of text, images and videos.
  • Connect: Tap a contact's photo to call him/her immediately.
  • Emergency: Tap simple icons to call for emergency assistance.
A screenshot of the Connect app. Silverline Mobile
If you pledge $79, an underserved senior citizen will get a refurbished iPhone 3GS with the Silverline apps installed, a yearlong data and voice plan, and one-on-one smartphone training. Plus, you'll get a voucher to download the Silverline apps (even future apps) for yourself or a loved one.

A $19 pledge gets you Silverline's suite of five elderly-friendly apps, which are optimized for use in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

If you'd like to get an unlocked 8GB or 16GB iPhone 3GS with the Silverline apps already preinstalled, there are 50 units available at the $149 reward level. Do note there are other elderly-friendly mobile phones on the market that are also more affordable.

So far, only iOS apps have been developed, but Aspes and Phng plan to develop Android versions soon, as more used Android smartphones such as older Samsung Galaxy models become easily available. The apps will be launched in English and Mandarin.

The company is working on more Silverline apps, including one that will allow for easy sharing of photos. It also plans to develop special Bluetooth bracelets that can detect falls via an in-built accelerometer.

Aspes and Phng are aiming to raise at least $50,000, and they're halfway to their goal with just over 10 days left to go.

(Source: Crave Asia)