Silicon: It's worth a billion an acre

Fashions come and go, but some of the equations in the chip business never change, says Gordon Moore.

SAN FRANCISCO--Chipmakers regularly shrink the size of their products, improve their performance, and cut their prices. But chips still sell for about the same price about the same when you measure it by the acre.

That's the view of Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, who strolled about the press and analyst room after his on-stage talk at the Intel Developer Forum. An acre of chips is worth $1 billion, he estimated, about the same as it was several years ago. You get more chips now, but the old chips sold for more.

It's a great factoid to know. Other notes: Moore's foundation is putting money into preserving stretches of the Amazon and the Pacific Northwest. He's particularly interested in salmon habitats in North America. Salmon are an indicator of environmental change, he said. He also likes to fish.