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Siemens offers battle-hardened land line

Land line for today's rough-and-tumble households


The humble land line is finally getting some love. Not only can the home phone now have its very own ringtones, but at least some models are getting updated for the 21st century--and that means they've got to toughen up to survive, especially in today's unforgiving domestic conditions.

To that end, Siemens says its new "Gigaset E455 SIM" is dust-proof, splash-proof and "comes equipped with rubber pads for shock protection, meaning you also no longer need to worry about dropping and smashing it," according to Pocket-lint.

All that may be true, but we hope Siemens has concentrated a bit more on the basics than it has with land lines in the past. We personally spent a small fortune on a multi-handset "Gigaset 2410" system awhile back, only to end up dumping the whole thing less than a year later when the phones began to die. But we can say it gave us the occasion to do some of our own endurance testing--by throwing them out the window.