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Side-scrolling, Mario-inspired resume rocks the job hunt

A clever designer communicates his credentials through an action-packed romp through his resume.

Robby Leonardi resume still
In Robby Leonardi's resume, the piranha plants are a good thing.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

I would be surprised if designer Robby Leonardi doesn't already have some job offers in hand. Leonardi created one of the most memorable resumes to ever cross an HR person's eyes. Rather than settle for a boring slip of paper, he built out a Web site that is navigated like Super Mario.

The side-scrolling resume delves into a colorful world inspired by old-school video gaming. It's the most fun you'll ever have reading about someone's career credentials. You control the forward and backward movement of a little animated Leonardi as he progresses through his skill set, hobbies, and job experience.

Leonardi is currently a Web site content developer specializing in graphics for Fox News, but he will entertain queries for his multidisciplinary design services.

The only tiny flaw in this otherwise masterful presentation is that you have to use the up and down arrows to navigate the resume. How about some side-to-side arrow action? This little oddity is probably due to how the site is programmed to also work at the touch of a mouse scroll. Besides, nobody is actually getting points here, other than the creativity marks Leonardi has already earned for his work.

Leonardi could certainly launch a career as a resume consultant if he wanted to. Perhaps he'll get around to building a playable version of his CV, where HR people can battles beasties and pit themselves against each other. The highest-scoring hirers could earn his services.

(Via Fast Company)