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ShyBot is a robot that just doesn't want to be with you

It's like the Curiosity rover, except instead of exploring Mars it runs away from humans.

Screenshot by Aloysius Low/CNET

If all robots were like ShyBot, then we sure wouldn't have to worry about Skynet and Judgement Day.

Made by Italian artist Norma Jeane as an art piece for the Desert X Art Biennale, ShyBot is a robot that's useless at doing anything except running away from humans.

Set loose in a desert for six days, it tries its very best to escape the eyes of its human overlords, not knowing they have tagged the poor thing with a GPS tracker.

Jeane's art piece is meant to explore the concept of shyness in humans, which isn't present in animals, according to Jeane, and has to do with self consciousness. Jeane says humans are "condemned to be free," forced to create our own significance in the world, but this robot has been "liberated" by being programmed with an algorithm for the specific goal of avoiding human contact. Right.

So if this robot starts chasing after you, it's probably because it's gained sentience and has overcome its shyness. In which case, you should be the one who runs away.

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