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Shuttle X27 mini PC coming in September

The company sell it's own Linux-based version of the Nettop, a small-form factor, low-power desktop with Intel's Atom processor.

As if Shuttle PCs weren't small enough already.

The small-form-factor PC maker is set to release an even smaller desktop, its X27 mini-desktop with Intel's Atom processor in mid-September, the company told CNET News.

Shuttle X27

The X27 falls into the Nettop category, a small desktop with Intel's low-power chip. Shuttle says it's so low-power that even when running full speed, the noise level only reaches 23 decibels. Plus, it promises the computer uses just 23 watts of power in idle mode, and 36 watts while in use.

Shuttle says it saves space too, measuring approximately 10 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 2.75 inches tall. It's about the same size as the $350 Atom-based Eee Box from Asus. Dell is also making a tiny desktop, the Studio Hybrid, which has a Core2Duo processor from Intel.

A few more specs:

*Intel 945GC chipset

*Intel GMA 950 onboard video

*4 USB 2.0 ports

*Gigabit Ethernet port

*Analog 5.1-channel audio

No word yet on pricing.