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Shure's new 'buds

Shure releases four new sets of sound-isolating earbuds.

Two microspeakers are in each SE420 earbud.

Shure dropped some new sound-isolating earphones, dubbed the SE line, onto the masses. The company redesigned its popular E series and gave the models spiffy new looks as well as new, more confusing names. The SE210 ($149.99), the SE310 ($249.99), the SE420 ($349.99), and the SE530 ($449.99) all offer far better sound than those garbage earbuds that came with your MP3 player.

The SE210 and SE310 are both single-driver models and come with deluxe fit kits that include sets of replaceable tips, so you get that all-important ear canal seal (and so you don't gross anyone out with your ear wax). The only real difference between the two is that the SE310 gives you more bass. The SE420 uses two drivers in each earphone to separate the high and low frequencies, and it comes with a fit kit plus a cleaning tool, an airline adapter, an inline volume control, and a quarter-inch jack adapter.

The SE530 is identical to the E500PTH and comes with a Push To Hear inline function that lets you hear what's going on around you without taking the headphones out of your ears. The price is also now in line with Ultimate Ears' triple-driver earbuds (the 10 Pro). And yes, three tiny speakers in each earphone really do make a difference--you've just got to try it to understand.