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Shure SE102 earphones play nice with music phones

The Shure SE102 MPA sound-isolating earphones are definitely a step up from the headset that came with your music phone, but not everyone will find them comfortable.


Purists might not like it, but mobile phones and MP3 players are converging at a record pace. Even reputable professional audio companies are starting to take notice, as evidenced by Shure's latest personal earphone offering, the SE102 MPA.

The $99 sound-isolating set comes bundled with an extension cable with an inline mic and call button, so it's designed to play nice with your iPhone or other music phone. The SE102s aren't the best Shure earbuds we've laid ears on--the type and number of ear fittings is limited and audio is a bit brittle at times--but they're still a big improvement over the sets that come with most music mobiles.

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