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Shrug off the recession with your new Ayn Rand iPad app

"Atlas Shrugged," Ayn Rand's longest (if not greatest) hit, is now available in an interactive iPad app.

I once dated an objectivist. Every sentence began with "I am" or "I want." Which made asking her questions about her feelings a little awkward.

Still, there are those for whom Ayn Rand's movement represents a guiding element that lights up their lives in a way Debby Boone never could. For these people I have great news. For Rand's great opus, "Atlas Shrugged," is now available in a fascinating and self-empowering iPad app.

"Atlas Shrugged" might well have passed you by. This might be because it has around a thousand more pages than Kate Middleton at her wedding.

It is the story of people with brains who decide to go on strike--as if that has never happened before. It was published in 1957, when people could actually rely on entities like corporations and governments. So prescient was it that, even then, it posited a world where self-reliance was the only way to go.

Penguin Group

Some of those who watched the Republican debate last night and heard an audience cheer at the thought of a sick person without health insurance being left to die might imagine that the true author was Ayn Rand Paul.

But, no. This was merely a woman who hung with Alan Greenspan and, somewhat refreshingly, didn't care whether we all got along or not. I make her sound heartless. But this iPad app will, apparently, give you insight into her as well as her book, so you will be able to judge for yourself.

You will see video of the author talking about the book and be treated to Rand's full-length audio lectures. You will also be able to experience her from the grave opinions about Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, rap music, and Obamacare. (OK, that last sentence may be entirely inaccurate.)

You might be wondering whether this fine (and somewhat interactive) app will cost you a month's salary. No, it is a mere $14.99 and it will help you rise above the detritus that surrounds you and become the person you've always dreamed of being. Yes, Harry Reid. Or Debby Harry. Or Debby Boone.

Ayn Rand was the ultimate laissez-fairy. She waved her wand and imagined a world in which only the individual mattered, only the individual could make things happen. She may well have been right. With just one wave of your index finger, you can now cuddle up to her and listen to the whispers of her wisdom.