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Show your Gotham pride with Rainbow Batman figures

Make sure the Caped Crusader wears more than just gloomy black by voting in this collectibles poll from DC Comics.

Crime fighting never looked so colorful. DC Comics

Collectors of all things Batman know DC Comics has released enough statues, action figures, toy sets, plush dolls, costumes, games and accessories to fill the Batcave. However, quite a few Batman collectible ideas never see the light of day.

So DC Comics is running a poll to find out from fans, "Which of these unproduced DC Collectibles would you most like to see released?"

Included in the list are Ame-Comi Mary Marvel PVC statues, the DC Universe Online series of action figures, DC Comics Super-Villains Black Manta Bust, DC Comics New 52 3.75-inch action figures and one more that particularly caught our eye -- the Rainbow Batman action figures.

"All of the above collectibles were sculpted, but never produced," DC Comics posted on its blog. "They rest quietly in our vault -- a reminder of things that could have been."

But what are these "Rainbow Batman action figures" DC mentions in its poll? The figures refer to the cover of 1957's "Detective Comics" #241, where Batman has a closet full of Batsuits in a rainbow of colors including an all-pink number we'd love to see criminals attempt to snicker at.

The reason Batman decided to change up his usual black garb for a variety of colorful outfits was to confuse criminals and to protect Robin's secret identity. You can read the whole comic of "The Rainbow Batman" over at

Here's hoping if the Rainbow Batman action figures get enough votes we can see them in stores soon and add them to our own collections. Then we could have a Batman to match any decor.

Robin is just as confused by Batman's color choices as we are. DC Comics