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Show notes - The Queue: Moon bound!

Resort wants to bring the moon to Earth, video downloads from your local library, a megapixel quick quiz, turning your 2D photos into 3D ones, and let the Great Turtle Race begin.

The latest episode of The Queue is now available for your viewing pleasure on CNET TV. Here are notes on the things I mentioned:

Moon Resorts
I first met the guys behind this at the X Prize Cup in Las Cruces, NM. I've always been fascinated with space and I thought the little 3-D model of the resort was so cool. I'm not sure how far along plans are to actually build one of these...but I can definitely see the potential appeal.

Official Website

Full Resort Mockup Video

My CNET report on X Prize Cup mentioning Moon Resorts

I had no idea you could download eBooks and other things like it from the library! It's all DRM'd, but still, for free, what more can you ask for! All you need is a library card.

Official Website:

Check for your library:

Sample library offering:

Megapixel Quick Quiz

PMA report is full of stats (PDF)

Site - Fotowoosh

Great Turtle Race