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Shoulderbrella frees your hands for other things

When it's raining and your hands are tied up, you can wrap the handle of this brolly under and around your shoulder.

Tokyu Hands

Most people have probably come across the following scenario at least once. You've just done your grocery shopping at the supermarket. Lo and behold, it starts to pour the moment you step out. You may have a brolly, but your hands are full with shopping bags. You can either run the risk of breaking your arm by transferring everything onto one hand and using the other to hold the umbrella. Or you can wrap the handle of the brolly under and around your shoulder.

Tokyu Hands

At least that's what one doctor who happens to be familiar with the structure of the shoulder wants you to do.

The Shoulderbrella features a 30-inch flexi handle with a diameter of about 1.2 inches made from synthetic rubber. To afffix it, simply screw one end of the handle to the umbrella and bend it to your desired fit. The Shoulderbrella is available online at Japanese superstore Tokyu Hands for about $26.

(Source: Crave Asia via Red Ferret Journal)