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Should you buy Facebook stock? Roundtable panelists discuss

While Facebook was on the public stock market for the first time, we gathered a panel of experts to discuss the merits of the stock and the company overall.

Rafe Needleman Former Editor at Large
Rafe Needleman reviews mobile apps and products for fun, and picks startups apart when he gets bored. He has evaluated thousands of new companies, most of which have since gone out of business.
Rafe Needleman
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As Facebook was trading as a public company for the first time today, we assembled a group of tech and finance experts to talk about the new stock. Is it worth buying? What will it do for technology overall? Can Facebook compete on mobile? Our panelists to debate these and related topics:

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Show notes

[0:15] Intro video

[1:10] Guests introduced.

[2:15] The Facebook stock weather report. First hint of bankers' panic.

[3:20] Who's making money on this stock today?

[4:00] What does it mean for retail investors when a stock rises on the first day?

[4:30] How do Internet stocks generally do right after IPO?

[5:45] Why is the Facebook IPO such a benchmark deal?

[6:45] What's wrong with a stock that doesn't pop up when it goes public?

[9:00] Andy explains why stock pops are valuable marketing events.

[10:00] How hands-on is CEO Mark Zuckerberg in dealing with financial minutiae?

[11:30] How will Facebook change, now that it's public?

[12:40] Why did Zynga stock crash when Facebook opened?

[13:45] How do you manage newly rich employees at a company like Facebook?

[17:30] And now we're going to see a lot of Facebook money funneled into new tech startups, right?

[19:30] How will Facebook tackle the mobile imperative?

[20:45] How about global growth? Are all users actually consumers?

[22:00] Andy discusses the power of Facebook's log-in system, Facebook Connect.

[23:00] Finally: How can Facebook improve its advertising business?

[23:45] Is Facebook a truly disruptive business?

[24:30] Jill's stock advice vis-a-vis Facebook: Chill out.

[25:30] Wrapping up: the panelists pitch their day jobs.