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Shots leaked of Galaxy S4 Active

The ruggedized version of the Samsung Android flagship phone looks ready to go where the pain is.

The Galaxy S4 Active gets a metal back and bolts, to boot!

If you've ever described yourself or any of your favorite activities as "hard core," you may want to hold off on buying the Samsung Galaxy S4 until its rumored ruggedized sibling debuts.

GSMArena apparently got its hands on some leaked shots of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active edition. As I've reported in the past, this Galaxy S4 variant is meant to be resistant to dust and water, which is fortunate for those times when you feel compelled to tweet while rolling down a sand dune into a rushing river.

The Samsung model GT-i9295 boasts a quad-core ARM processor at 1.9GHz, a 1920x1080 screen resolution, and an Adreno 320 graphics processing unit. It's reported that the rear camera has only 8MP capability (the regular GS4 has 13MP).

Also unlike the standard GS4, the Active version gets a metallic shell and bolts, which is a big deal considering Samsung's affinity for hard plastics.

The Active version has been showcased in Croatia, of all places. No word on a general release date just yet, but I can't wait for the torture tests on this one. Crave may have to start covering hurricane season just to see how this device measures up.