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Short film nails the insanity of smartphone addiction

True-to-life "I Forgot My Phone" shows just how much smartphones can interrupt the simple joys of daily life. It might just make you laugh at yourself.

Video screenshot by CBSNews.com

Ever leave home and get that eerie feeling something is wrong? Like you've forgotten something so important that you rewind through every waking moment before realizing your lifeblood and reason for living -- your smartphone -- is sitting on the kitchen counter?

After watching "I Forgot My Phone," written by and starring actress/comedian Charlene deGuzman, you might just want to leave it on the counter. This brilliant two-minute film about society's addiction to smartphones shows how depressingly easy it is to let these devices distract us from truly enjoying many of life's great experiences, like birthdays, nature, quality time with friends, and even marriage proposals.

Visit Charlene's YouTube page or check out the film below. Just don't watch it on your phone. And next time you walk out the front door, try leaving the phone at home. Yeah, who are we kidding?

This story originally appeared on CBSNews.com's The Feed blog.