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New official pic for 'Sherlock' Victorian special: Watson's stache is back!

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman show off their stylish vintage threads and hairstyles from the upcoming "Sherlock" special. Here's hoping there's a grisly Victorian murder to keep the lads busy.

Watson and Holmes take their sleuthing to Victorian England for the upcoming "Sherlock" special. PBS

The BBC's set in the modern era. Now Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson are ready to solve another mystery, but this time they're trading their trendy modern gear for the threads of a less technologically addicted era.

We've seen a glimpse of the detective duo's Victorian look before, but now PBS has posted a brand-new official image of Holmes and Watson in the costumes and hairstyles of a bygone era. Even Sherlock's chair fits the part.

The pair's old-fashioned look harkens back to the earlier "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" TV adaptation made by Granada Television from 1984 to 1994, starring Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes, and David Burke and later Edward Hardwicke as Watson. Coincidentally (or is it?), Brett was a close family friend of Cumberbatch's parents.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting any news of the upcoming Victorian-themed special, and the popular series is due to return with three new episodes for Season 4.

Chances are, since the "Sherlock" team -- co-creator Steven Moffat, producer Sue Vertue and actor Rupert Graves, who plays Lestrade -- is currently at San Diego Comic-Con International, we may soon get more news about the special and the next season. I'm keeping an eye out!

Recently, Vertue gave fans some behind-the-scenes info about shooting the special. Asked if it was harder to shoot "Sherlock" set in Victorian London rather than the modern-day metropolis, the producer responded, "It's a lot more expensive."

Vertue explained on the Sherlockology website, "It is just harder, because you can't just say, 'Let's get 50 supporting artists and put them in the street,' because they all need to be dressed, and hair needs to be done. I mean it's exciting. Douglas [Mackinnon], the director, is interesting about it, he says the thing with quite a lot of period you get supporting artists who all just walk so slowly, they've all got to walk at the same pace, there's no reason for them to walk slower just because it's olden times! So we have fast-walking extras in this. It's fun but it's tiring."

We can't wait to see the fast-paced extras, and the action!

"Sherlock" airs on PBS in the US and on BBC One in the UK.